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Where did Ashley disappear?

?Have you ever heard of a city completely disappearing

Let’s get to know the true story all and see what is the secret of the disappearance of the city of Ashley and behind that are the ?demons? Or human beings? Or non-human creatures that live with us on Earth

Imagine that you wake up and see that the area, the neighbors, your family and all the people around you do not exist

This is what really happened in Ashley

This city was in a state called Hansz, and there are very many topics about this matter, although many people did not talk about it, but this matter literally happened


The issue started when an earthquake occurred in the city of Ashley, and this earthquake was about Richter 8, and when the earthquake happened, people went to see the place of its occurrence and found that it had made a crack in the ground measuring 1000 meters at a depth of 500 meters and the city’s residents did not exist at all. The people all disappeared from the city and many people and the police Searching for the residents of the area for 12 days, but to no avail. After these results of the search, from which they did not obtain any evidence of the presence of at least one person, they stopped the search and considered that all the residents of the city died, and after two days exactly after the search stopped, another earthquake occurred, and the surprise is that it is in the same place and the same The hole and the same depth, but this earthquake filled the hole all of the same size


However, investigations revealed that a few days before the earthquake, people were complaining to the police in large numbers
The first complaint was that a person complains that he sees a large black hole in the sky
And the second complaint was from another person who says that he sees a black hole in the sky every day that gets bigger
In just three days, almost more than 20 complaints from different people came to the police station that there is a black hole in the sky, and each person saw it differently from the other

?What did the police department do about these complaints

These complaints prompted the police station to wonder about what was happening, and there was confusion about the events and the strangeness of the scene, but to make sure that the police were true, they sent someone to monitor what is happening in this city, but the surprise was that the policeman who went to monitor the city of Ashley called the police station and told them that everything that takes the Ashley road takes the road To somewhere he started and confirmed this several times to the police station and said he was absolutely sure, but the police station did not believe this. The next day they sent many cars to the city of Ashley, but they were shocked that what the policeman said was actually true and they find themselves at the end of the road that they are in their starting place in The road, and the most strange thing, is that the road does not have any bend or intersection, meaning that the road leads directly to Ashley

When the police confirmed that the words were true, they told all the residents of the state not to leave the houses at all. The next day, at exactly 10 am, several calls came to the police station that the sun never appeared and that the entire city was completely dark. After several hours, 320 families from the police called the police station. The city says that their children came out of the house and said that they would go to meet the creatures in the city and the strange thing is that all the children said the exact same sentence and here it became very terrifying and there were many calls to the police station and complaints and after hours also calls came saying that 271 children had completely disappeared and the next day a man called An old man went to the police station and said that he saw the hole in the sky from which the fire came out, and after about an hour my complaints came with the same words that the old man said, but they said that the hole that brings out the fire started to bring fire to the city slowly

The last call to the police station was from Ashley, a woman said that her son, who died a year ago, passed in front of the house on fire. Then one of the police station officials told her to bring a camera and put it on the window of one of the rooms overlooking the street, and that woman implemented the order and then called the police station. The police said that her son entered the house while he was on fire, and the woman was crying a lot and she was terrified and screaming and before she hung up the phone she said (they are all back) and then no longer screaming and the police station official heard the sound of feet walking in the house and the call was cut off, but the surprise was that after the earthquake was The house of this woman is the only one that did not disappear and the biggest surprise is that the camera is on the window and is still filming and the scenes that happened are all recorded and revealed everything that happened and all the people who were in front of the apartment who were on fire, but this story was completely covered up to not frighten people and terrified them, and the official in The police station published this video, and then it disappeared completely, but the video is still there to this day and has been accessed (video)


Where did Ashley disappear?

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