Chef Brian Turner, 76, reveals he had a stroke last summer and thanks ‘fantastic’ hospital staff as he appears on James Martin’s Saturday Morning

Brian Turner discovered this is remarkably reported to the hospital when getting a stroke last summer and thanked the “wonderful” medical staff for doing so. The celebrity chef, seventy-six, brought tears to the audience at the same time as sharing his recent health struggles throughout drug use within James Martin’s Saturday Morning programme. James fingers, this would describe Brian as his “TV dad,” the famous Ready Steady Cook for a part that saw them cook a delicious lamb meal together.

Brian Turner has revealed that he had a stroke last summer and thanked the ‘fantastic’ hospital staff who looked after him

On the other hand, before starting work, James reminded Bryan that he had something to share at once on air, along with the restaurant owner, and then discovered that this was a stroke in June.
He revealed: “Yes, unfortunately, I had a stroke in June last year and it was a
The doctors inside London Health Facility are great and cooperative. So excuse me in case I swing trying to try to time for another, but we’ll eventually catch up with her.He apologized to viewers in case of a “stutter” during the clip.

The chef excited viewers as he shared his recent health struggles

  • James said supportive: “It’s okay. I love you, fella. It’s a pleasure.
    You are several, we welcome you at any time.
  • After returning on the weekend cooking show, emotional viewers took to Twitter where they also paid tribute to James for his kind words.
  • One person tweeted: “It was lovely to see Brian Turner today. I had no idea he was sick. Thoughts with him and his family, but what the man still does what he loves. Culinary legend and good man.

Thank the fans for all their support, saying Brian was “crying” from the kind messages

Brian and James have a close relationship having appeared regularly in Saturday Kitchen over the years.The renowned chef inside the Ready Steady Cook program looked a good way for BBC2 and for this reason is widespread 1994, notably as regularly emerging within the morning file and supply may be a good way for cooking packages, including within A Taste Of Britain and because My Life On A Plate.

He has appeared at a lot of prestigious restaurants in London and launched them, including a point visited by celebrities The Greenhouse in Mayfair, which attracted the likes of Gary Rhodes, Paul Merrett, and The Millennium Hotel in Grosvenor Square.

Born in Halifax, he received a rare Michelin star in 1973 after opening The Capital Hotel with Richard

Prior to the fascination of his own restaurants, Brian worked under his mentor Richard Shepherd at prestigious restaurants Simpson’s in the Strand and The Savoy Grill.Brian, got a rare Michelin star in 1973 after opening The Capitalho and Richard Hotel.

In 2002, Brian came out on the invitation list at the Queen’s Birthday Ceremony and won the CBE Award for services to tourism and training in the restaurant industry.

In addition to his successes as a TV chef, Brian also wrote a number of cookbooks, such as “Summer Taste”, “Grylls and Barbix” and “Yorkshire Kid: My Life with Recipes.”




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