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The strangest new project for Ailon Musk

For sure you are wondering how this man flamed the world on the earth and in the space by his projects.

What!! In the space!!

Yes, in the space, actually the projects of Ailon Musk haven’t exist only on the earth, but also reach away of the globe.

Of course you are wondering what is the next project for Ailon Musk, therefore we will tell you what is the newest projects of Ailon Musk which will dominate the whole world.

Also we will tell you about what Ailon Musk is planning for projects in the earth and out of it.

It was known about Ailon Musk who transferred the electronic currencies to PayPal project, also he was known for making the Tesla car which terrified very luxuries companies like Mercedes, Ducati and Rolls Royce, he arrived outside the globe, where Musk announced several projects in the space like capturing energy from around the world and establishing lives on another planet like Mars or Saturn or maybe Jupiter, whereas Musk says that there is nothing impossible on investment and economics.


Ailon Musk’s new project preparation

Before talking about Ailon Musk’s new project, we will tell you how this man came up with the whole ideas and how he established the modern empire which is Tesla company. Although Tesla is famous for electric cars industry but also, Space x company has gained a high reputation, these companies will make Musk a dominated leader in the economic world for several years, so how we will know if there are several upcoming companies and projects which will dominate Mars, Jupiter or maybe the entire universe.

Ailon Musk is looking forward for a future full of energy, even everyone or every company needs an energy will demand it from Musk’s companies and factories, whereas all his companies and factories are preparing to work by alternative energy, solar systems and even by methods that we haven’t ever heard about it. That will increase Musk’s wealth, Musk’s intention is not just to increase his wealth but also to satisfy the human needs. he is no longer a competitor to other companies because his projects may negatively return to them, as he has crossed the limits of competition, threatening to close some similar companies.

Launching of Musk’s new project

Musk is trying to make a progress in his companies and factories in an accurate and developing way, and he has an active team who have a highly experiences.

Elon Musk’s team sought to launch this new project, which consists of several areas, including the launch into space. The first project to be launched is the manufacture smaller size batteries which is abundant batteries and give more energy, and this project will motivate car companies to buy this type of batteries from Musk companies as well. Many fields need this type of batteries, of course, this invention will positively return to Musk and to humanity as a whole.


The largest project that Musk will launch and that the whole world is waiting for is the space project, where Musk companies have create space vehicles such as planes and rockets, that aims to make space flights for businessmen where they will be able to go on a trip around the universe, and this trip includes going and returning, of course, the price of the flight ticket reached 60 million dollars per person via a SpaceX rocket.

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